Salvador & Lobo is an Architecture and Interior Design studio in Lisbon. Yolanda Lobo and João Salvador are the founders and work with a team committed to design the best projects.

“We like to innovate, to find the most appropriate solutions, to establish a perfect balance between all the essential components of quality, innovation and sustainability, without ever forgetting the comfort and the practical side of everyday life. Everything is thought out with detail, to create impact and make the difference. Design and modernization are important but, at the end of the day, what counts is the comfort, quality and durability of everything created.”

“Life should be lived serenely and with great pleasure. Enjoyed every day and in every detail. That is what we bet on in each project”.

Yolanda Lobo

Interior Designer

João Salvador




One of the biggest challenges is to prove that architecture is an asset and not an extra cost - Alejandro Aravena

Our philosophy has always been guided by the conviction that the quality of our environment has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether at work, at home or in the public domain. Allied to this is a recognition that the architecture is generated by people's needs - both material and spiritual - and a preoccupation with the physical context, culture and climate of the place.

From minor to huge works, they are all meant for people. To humans who deserve the best.  Life is too short  to  be  lived  in  an indifferent way and without the quality and comfort we deserve. We design and create spaces for those who enjoy being happy.

Being an architect means projecting dreams, planning ideals and working in a way that every detail becomes happiness (Daniela Zuffo).

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Creativity takes place when the soul gets a pencil.

Luxury is having in your home what makes you happy. You only live once. That is why you must live in a space created with love.

My creativity and inspiration are brought to me by life, by people. I need to create spaces with soul, where everything makes sense. It is so good to come home and feel the embrace of cosiness and warmth and the desire to lose yourself in the well-being and harmony of what surrounds you.

A house is just a house, but a home is our life, the place where we come back every day to recover ourselves and be able to smile every day.



The details are not the details. They make the design. - Charles Eames 



Come and visit our studio! You will understand why we care about you.

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